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Hey guys, long time no see!

Based on the flood of message I've been recieving, you've probably all heard rumors of the server coming back.

I just want to clear up a few things:

Myself and BM are uncertain whether or not we will bring the server back. We may, we may not. We don't know.

Its something that we talk about quite regularly and we both would like to see it back, however we do not have much time and also...the server is a pain in the ass sometimes! We've been deliberating about this since before summer, but we didn't say anything in case people got their hopes up. Recently one of our well known players messaged looking to know if we'd bring it back or not. We told him that brining the server back was a possibility, hence the rumors.

Even if we do decide to bring the server back, it will be a long time. I'm talking a couple of months at least.

For now, feel free to keep messaging me and start posting on the forums again! It we can't bring back the server at least we can bring back the forums, I used to love how active it was here :)

I might try and touch up the forums over the next few weeks while BM and I think about stuff. Let me know if you like it or not.

We'll keep you posted on any decisions we make.



P.S: I do appreciate the support we've been getting about the idea. Its nice to know that we would have some of the old crowd back. Its also nice to hear from you guys again!

[VIP] Mizquink Usually I creep the forums every couple months without posting anything, but I had to make a post with this news. P.S. N ...
C_Hero :b Plot twist


[SpecOp] BlackMedicine a posted Jun 27, 15

Cos Enjin won't let me post vids on a free account!

.... an insufferable little hater requests that another server turns itself into tntfactions: laughable stuff

Love the way our ranks and prices were used. Although why the dumbass went to the trouble of putting the prices up on pastebin when they are listed here is beyond me.

I pity the poor bastards who run that server. They are going to have a lot of helpful "suggestions" (incessant whining) to deal with for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy your pay for play (and the classy adfly links on the enjin page) y'all!

You don't know what you've got till it's gone!

[Capt.] Ser3ch Lolololololol he's so fucked already
The server may be gone but we'll always remember the good old days of TNT Factions.

We wish all our old friends a very Happy Christmas and the very best for 2015.

Old Friends

[Capt.] Ser3ch What determined the size of the names anyways?
[Capt.] Ser3ch Yay my name is big af


[SpecOp] BlackMedicine a posted Oct 29, 14
So the server is gone......just thought I should mark its passing with a post.

To be honest I think things had reached the end a while ago.  Regular players had grown out of minecraft and were moving on with their lives.  Things just weren't the same any more.

Mojang also made running a server a royal pain in the hole!  Plugin developers got sick of maintaining cool plugins as mojang released useless updates in quick succession.  Key plugins were dropping like flies.  When Microsoft acquired Mojang that signalled the end for me.  Focus will move to MS platforms.  We'll never see the long promised plugin api.  MS will see to it that independent servers become extinct.  It's how they operate!   

A few incidents in the last year pissed me off no end.  Certain players had sucked the enjoyment out of running the server.  Me and cyd had less and less time to spend intervening in petty squabbles.  Certain people were given a chance to prove themselves as mods and let themselves down. They can sit behind their 7 proxies and read this.  They'll probably derive some kind of satisfaction from our decision to shut down.  Not that I give a shit about their toxic opinions.

Having said all that, the good memories will always outshine the bad.  There were some truly sound folks among our player base.  Also some great builders, raiders and pvpers.

Thanks to everyone who played on the server.  We'll keep the enjin site going if anyone wants to shoot the breeze or ask a question or whatever.


Friendly_Terry Rip tntfactions, one of my favourite servers:(
[Capt.] Ser3ch RIP minecraft 2009-2014

Updating Server

[Gen.] tntraid a posted Jul 12, 14
Hey guys,

I'm gonna be updating the server during the next few hours, so there may be some downtime.
Hopefully we'll see you guys in 1.7.9