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Well that was quick!

It took Dom about 2 hours to show why I was wrong to allow him to be a mod.

Long story short.... Dom, according to himself, is too good for the server and has quit.

Boo hoo ..... my heart bleeds.

I've permabanned him and his lap dog so that's that.

Apparently he's taking half the server with him trolololollll!


New Captain

[SpecOp] BlackMedicine a posted Mon at 23:24
Please join me in congratulating Domthedragon8 on his promotion to Captain.

During his time on the server, Dom has had his ups and his downs..... lets face it - it's been a rollercoaster!

However he's been a good TNT citizen of late and we felt that he deserves the chance to prove himself as a worthy member of staff.

Best of luck Dom.

BlackMedicine and Cydp3. 
[VIP] pelham1 welll ive just received news dom is quiting the server!
[VIP] pelham1 omg allready i thought it would be atleast a week
[VIP] Mizquink Heard from a general Dom was de-ranked? Just figured I'd come ask the all mightiest to confirm this "rumor".


[Gen.] tntraid a posted Apr 12, 14
Hey guys,

First off, sorry for not being on the server too much over the past while. I'll be on a lot more over the next few weeks.

Anyway, I just tried to update the server and ran into a few problems (mainly Factions).
I've whitelisted the server for now, I hope to have it back within a few hours.


Alright, so we just had to restore a backup of the server. 1.7.8 makes weird permanent changes to the server and crappy MCore / Factions is only compatible with 1.7.4.
And to make matters worse, I can't get onto the server because the Mojang authentication and session servers are down.

Server's down at the moment. Factions is causing major problems. Not sure what's going on really or when the server will be back.


Alright, disaster averted.
However, we have had to reset everyone's inventory and location.

We cannot trust people enough to give their stuff back, however, we will be holding a lot of valuable drop parties over the next few days / weeks.

Jordan_fan_sky i reset everything still not working
Jordan_fan_sky It says outdated server


[SpecOp] BlackMedicine a posted Apr 11, 14
Hi guys,

I've given the warproom a bit of a makeover.  Most of the warps are in there. 

Haven't bothered putting in stuff like the vip warps as if you need to know about them you are already using them.

Check out /warp oftheweek.  if anyone has any suggestions for warp oftheweek pm me the coords.

Hi all,

Just a quick note to inform you all that, effective immediately, the following items are banned from the creative world:

  • hoppers
  • dropper
  • ender chests
  • chests
  • trapped chests
  • dispenser
  • furnace
  • burning furnace
This is in addition to the banning of all forms of minecart.

You can thank alen2002 and chums for, once again, ruining it for everybody.


Kickit17 Maybe remove the /p h command because that's basically the same thing as pvp logging when you do it in the real sever
[Lt.] imawesomenate Damnit ikr cuan, i was gonna make like the best fricking redstone contraption. Guess ill just have to work with what i g ...
[Lt.] Ser3ch why plain minecarts?


[Gen.] tntraid a posted Feb 5, 14
Hey guys,

This is just a short post to say that I will not be on the server very much for the next week and a half. I have (utterly pointless) exams on at the moment and they're going to be taking up a lot of time over the next week. I'm not even sure I'll get on over the weekend but I'll try.

[VIP] pelham1 May the force be ever in your favor Mr. Cy -Gandalf
[Vet.] SparkyMV Good luck ...
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