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There will be bugs and issues....... a lot of work still has to be done.

[Lt.] Djmu1 Wow long time since i have played, Hopped onto the server today and i'm extremely excited to see what TnT Factions ...
Sqeaky_Shadow Been on the server a little and its great, but do you know about how long till its fully functional.
[Capt.] Ser3ch You know, I went to a drinking party once. I almost slept on the roof.

Hi all,

I was hoping to have the server open for business today.  However a few small teething problems have prevented this.  I've been working away at it all day but time has gotten the better of me frown

I promise we will be open for business tomorrow (hopefully by 2pm GMT).

See you in game,


[VIP] mpzq Is it online now? Saying it is on the sidebar however when I add it to my game it wont connect?
[VIP] Mizquink Pulling an all nighter waiting for the server to go online


[SpecOp] BlackMedicine a posted Jan 2, 16

[VIP] Domthedragon8 Djmu1 You're alive?!??!?!
[VIP] Mizquink Status update on s possible release?
[Lt.] Djmu1 Hot diggity dog

[VIP] Domthedragon8 C_Hero :b Mizquink Friendly_Terry Its so nice to see you again
Friendly_Terry oohh you touch my lalala..
[VIP] Mizquink Sigh you guys have me checking the website every couple hours now to see if it's up yet