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[GA] tntraid a posted May 20, 16

Hey guys,

As you noticed, we have made zero process on the server in the last month and a bit. But thankfully college is finished now so hopefully we'll get a bit more done.

First thing we need to do is get the server up to 1.9 finally (even though I hear we're getting 1.10 snapshots already). Then we'll introduce the shiny new ranks that have been sitting on BM's computer for the last 6 weeks. Voting system is almost ready. If we can get those 3 things done next week I will be a very happy person.

I know we've lost a lot of momentum with this but we can finally start picking up steam with it. Hope some of you guys will get back on the train to TNT Factions with us.



[PFC] Domthedragon8 Didn't even notice this was posted despite the fact I check this every day. I'm still lurking and I will defin...

So I made the mistake of upgrading my local copy of TNT Factions to 1.9.2!

As usual a hole host of key plugins don't work.  I've managed to find development builds which seem to fix most of them but 2 key plugins are waiting on upgrades from the developers.

I can't release the ranks for Sergeant (SGT), Staff Sergeant (SSG), Sergeant First Class (SFC) or Master Sergeant (MSG) until this gets sorted.

I'm watching spigot and various jenkins repos closely for updates.  Hopefully they are inbound soon.

Hey guys,

We're gonna be changing up the website a bit over the next while. As you should be able to see, we've already changed the theme and we've now got a cool MC banner. The theme need a bit of tweaking though. I'm also going to be re-structuring the forums. We're planning to have a "Minecraft" section, rather than just one forum. Then most of the forums we have in our current "Gaming" section are all gonna be shoved into one because we rarely use them.

We've been doing a lot of work on the ranks during the week. We're going to be releasing most of our T2 ranks very soon (and these will finally have rewards for ranking up!). Work has also commenced on restoring VIP packages. Regarding voting, I've got votifier working. This will allow us to reward people for voting. Now we have to get some new artwork & a text advertisement for the server before I go and update all the voting sites.

So once we get the website redone, (most of) the ranks finished, as well as VIP & voting stuff done...we should be ready to go. Its been a long time coming but we're finally making progress.

Oh! And we'll be updating to 1.9 sometime this week. And when I say this week, I actually mean this week (for once).



There will be bugs and issues....... a lot of work still has to be done.

TOTTENtheMONSTER hmmmmmmmmmm..... interesting
Djmu1 Wow long time since i have played, Hopped onto the server today and i'm extremely excited to see what TnT Factions ...
Sqeaky_Shadow Been on the server a little and its great, but do you know about how long till its fully functional.

Hi all,

I was hoping to have the server open for business today.  However a few small teething problems have prevented this.  I've been working away at it all day but time has gotten the better of me frown

I promise we will be open for business tomorrow (hopefully by 2pm GMT).

See you in game,


mpzq Is it online now? Saying it is on the sidebar however when I add it to my game it wont connect?
[PFC] Mizquink Pulling an all nighter waiting for the server to go online